Author: Joanna

Research: Skirts

Mermaid Skirt Decade: 1930s Fabric: Silks and satins, which allow the dress to flow when worn Origin: Created by Marcel Rochas, who created trademark hourglass silhouettes as a tribute to the female form. Circle skirt Decade: 1940s Fabric: Light/Medium weight woven fabric, such as cotton lawn. Origin: Created by Christian Dior. The nipped waist, full […]

Research: Seams and Hems

Seam Finishes Plain Seam Used on fabrics which do not fray and garments which do not require finishing Fabrics: Stable knits and bonded fabrics  French SeamUsed for unlined garments with delicate fabrics. Prevents fraying and gives a neat, professional finish Fabrics: Lightweight woven and sheer fabrics  Zig Zag SeamA very versatile and widely used. Prevents fraying […]