Research: Types of Fabrics

A fabric is defined as a textile product made from fibres. Fabric types are split in to three groups:
• Knitted – Created with rows of loops. To create a new row, loops are pulled through existing loops.
• Woven – Created by interweaving yarns at 90 degrees to each other.
• Non-woven – Fibres are bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.
A very durable and versatile fabric. It can be woven or knitted and is used for a variety of everyday garments. It shrinks and creases easily.
A warm, smooth and delicate woven fabric. It is strong, moisture wicking and often requires dry cleaning.
A stretchy, warm and comfortable knit. It is easy to print and is great for making dresses, tshirts and leggings.
A sheer and lightweight woven fabric, which frays easily and can be difficult to cut. It can be used for scarves, sheer blouses and lined dresses.
A warm fabric which can be woven or knitted. Wool garments often require lining, due to feeling scratchy against skin.

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